Topic: YouTube Video Streaming issue!

Inside the last week, YouTube has changed its service standards and will no longer allow anyone with less than 1000 subscribers to stream live from a mobile device.

In short, this means that if you stream from a phone at the track, you are boned unless you have a huge stack of friends to click your links.

For most of this, this is a problem. As such I wanted to come by and warn the Lemons collective of this issue.

In hopes of resolving this, I would encourage all teams who use YouTube who does or may want to use this service to post up your YouTube page so others may follow your page and that you may follow them.

If enough teams follow suit, everyone will be better off for it.

I am not posting our page as we don't regularly participate in Lemons these days and I don't care to make this about getting our team up to the number.. This is simply fair warning and call to arms.

So post up those links and show each other some love!

Daniel Sycks

Re: YouTube Video Streaming issue!

The 1k subscriber requirement only applies to streaming from the YouTube app on a mobile device. The requirement doesn't apply to things like the GoPro or other cameras that will live stream to YouTube. I would guess that it's a tactic to cut down on low quality 10 second long live videos of little value, those are the videos Facebook wants instead.

One solution for us racers is to stream from action camera. On the high end you have the GoPro Hero 7 for $$$ and on the lower end you have the Yi 4K which is about $105 on Amazon. The GoPro is obviously a better quality camera, but your streaming will be at 720p with a low bitrate so camera quality doesn't really matter much.

This probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but at least it's a solution.

Re: YouTube Video Streaming issue!

If you have a wifi hotspot option that works well, you can in fact use the Yi or other camera options with liveshell which we have done in the past. We are likely to end up going to a pepwave router then using two cams to do picture in picture front/rear.

But thats not really the point.

The easiest and cheapest way to stream is to simply use a cheapish phone with a decent pay as you go plan with solid mounted ap going direct to youtube. This is the best affordable option as cell phones tend to get far better data access than most hotspots and if something drops, the youtube ap will automatically reconnect and take up without being reset.

Daniel Sycks