Topic: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

I'm interested in joining a Rally either later this year or in 2020.
As I live in a pretty remote area far, far away from any Rallies, I was planning on flying in to around start area of one a few days in advance and buying a sub $1000 car sight-unseen there. After the rally I would flog/give-away the car and fly home.

Is this something that is possible/acceptable?
and is there issues with insuring a vehicle when you don't live in the state, or even the country you're insuring it in?


Re: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

Lots of people have done exactly what you want to do.  Insurance shouldn't be a problem. If you already have a car insured, just call your insurance company as soon as you have the VIN of the car you buy - they can add it to your policy.

Registration could be tricky, but in most states if you get pulled over you'll be fine if you show a (very) recent bill of sale and proof of current insurance.

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Re: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

You should be fine with a temp tag and calling your insurance when you get the car.

I unloaded my rusty Miata and flew back when I finished the RT-66 Rally and it worked out pretty well, although it's easy to unload a Miata no matter how rusty if the engine runs and the top is new.

Don't assume you'll get back what you pay, consider it the "rental" cost of the rally.

Speaking of, I need to start looking for another Miata.

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Re: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

Lemons HQ will want to see insurance and registration documents at the start of the rally (also a valid driving license), so if you do buy something at the last minute make sure you have real documents with you. You probably can, for example, arrange insurance with just a phone call but that won't necessarily give you something sufficiently convincing to show HQ. A quick in-person visit to an insurance agent's office will. I understand there are some fancy, newfangled methods of displaying proof of insurance via smart phone but I have no idea how HQ would feel about that. Since you're coming from Canada it's probably worth calling a few US insurance firms well in advance to ask about their policies for foreign nationals just in case it takes extra time to get things going or if there's something specific you need to do. By the way, if you mention the word "rally" during the conversation, be warned that many insurance agents will immediately assume that means "illegal street racing and/or mass murder" and will not want to talk with you. Once they've reached that conclusion you won't be able to change their mind.

Similiarly, although a cop might let you slide with just a recent bill of sale and expired plates, HQ won't. You'll need actual registration. It can certainly be temporary registration, which is to say no current license plate but just a sheet of paper taped in the back window or however the state in question does things, but it does have to be current, real registration.

Having said that, the rally folks love to see people buy and drive, or attempt to drive, something entertaining, sketchy, or both, at the last minute, so go for it.

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Re: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

Which corner of Canada are you in? Because I don't see how it can be too far to drive to the rally start point, in your locally acquired heap.

But I don't like airplanes, so my view might be a bit wacko. Also we did over 5k miles in a 1940 LaSalle round trip last my view might be a bit wacko.

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Re: Looking to join a Rally, have newb questions.

Terrace BC.

We're a long way from anything here.
Example being, I can fly to Vancouver in 1 1/2 hours, when it's a 16 hour drive.
If I wanted to do Escape from Moscow, or Four Bangers, that's 4 days to drive there, then 4 days to drive home.
Not unreasonable, but not ideal.

As far as liking airplanes goes, I work in aviation