Topic: Class B winner '91 Accord $2000, Winchester IN

True 24 hour class B winner for sale, 1991 Honda Accord. Once piloted by Indy Car driver Zach Veach! It would be a great car for a starter team or a team that just wants a lot of seat time.  It is a good balance of  car that stays on track and is sporty enough to be fun.

Even though it has won class B they have allowed us to continue to run class B with penalty laps.  We tend to run top 20 overall and top 6 class B.  See the details below for complete race history.

The cage is by Marc, so is excellent. Very cheap to race.  Needs front pads every 2 or 3 races.  Needs 2 tires each race.

In the last race, a rod escaped. We have 2 extra engines (both ran when pulled).  I pulled the broken engine, but haven't installed one of the spares yet.

Details here: … RcUgLVOdC0

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Car and Driver evidence of win: … d-together*

Re: Class B winner '91 Accord $2000, Winchester IN

Price reduced to $1500.