Topic: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?

Although I am a little biased on this one.( I've hung with Jeff for years)

I was thinking about my favorite two Lemons clowns and considering their antics.

What was your favorite moment......?

Love you both.

Re: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?

One of my favorite Lemons pictures is the one with chickens roosting on the harness bar of Spank's car. His recreation of the O.J. Simpson chase was pretty epic too.

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Re: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?


Game over.

Re: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?

Favorite moment was when I went to pass the airplane on the outside of 11 at CMP and I suddenly realized that the tail sticks so far out the back of it that when it turns the tail comes way over into where I was driving. I managed to drive straight off without hitting it, but after that I passed it on the inside.

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Re: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?

Passing Tippy at NCM...then slowing enough to watch it pass me because RaceVan!

Re: Spank or Speedy? best gimmick?

Speedycop is better at talking a bunch of people into helping him build insanely ambitious projects. Spank is better at building insanely ambitious projects by himself. They have different management styles. I think they're pretty evenly matched when it comes to Lemons Madness.