Topic: Four Bangors Car Camping

Hey guys, my teams doing it's first rally with the Four Bangors run. Considering the fact that all of our money has gone to the rally fees and beer, we were planning on car camping as much as possible during the rally and were wondering if anyone had any experience with doing a lot of it during any other events.

Re: Four Bangors Car Camping

So we tried proper camping on the Great Lakes Mistake rally. It was fun and all but we found it taking too much time for setup/teardown. If you are just sleeping in the car that might make it easier but at the same time you might find yourself really wanting a shower after a few days in a crap can without A/C. (Assuming you are roughing it)

If you have a van or like a long roof station wagon you could probably comfortably sleep in it, park in a Walmart parking lot or something. Some states will let you sleep at the rest stops but I would check laws state by state before doing that. Worst they would do is probably tell you to leave.

Count yourself lucky that you have a vehicle large enough to even consider such a thing, our X1/9 is hardly big enough to even sit in.

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Plenty of room for us, Pontiac Bonneville Safari! Walmart lots are definitely looking like the most likely candidate stateside at least, gotta figure something out for Ontario.