Topic: Where can I buy a seat in Metro Detroit?

I am looking to buy a seat in person somewhere in the Metro Detroit area but for some reason my team and I haven't had any luck finding a place that sells them.  This is the Motor City there has to be a place where I can buy a seat in person!  Also, one of our driver is tall (6'6") so would nice to know that we all fit in the seat before we buy.


Re: Where can I buy a seat in Metro Detroit?

I see you have no responses here.  Maybe a lack of people from Detroit and I can't help with a specific store either. 

I have ordered mine online, through Craigslist, or through another Lemons team.  If you are worried about size, for most brands there are basically 2 sizes; normal or wide.  If your 6'6" guy is wide there is your answer.  If not then there is also your answer.  Most seats when ordered can be had with sliders often times with mounting brackets that can be car specific if you run a car that is frequently customized.  If you go to your local autocross, Lemons race at Gingerman in June, drag strip, or most any race oriented car event you will likely be able to talk about seats with guys there and try them out.  Then order what you liked.  For a tall guy the biggest thing is sliders and seat placement.  Most seats are fine for a 2 hour stint.  I've really liked my Corbeau's.

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Re: Where can I buy a seat in Metro Detroit?

Yeah, come to Gingerman last weekend in June.  If you are there Friday, ask teams to let you sit in their cars (almost everyone is fine with it) plus you can meet the local teams (Product Design for instance with Saturn covered in Aero right next to the tower).