Topic: Need anything moved? SoCal<->ABQ and SeaTac->SoCal

Once again I'm going to be taking a longish drive with space for travellers or bulky stuff so I'm reaching out to "my peeps" to see if anyone needs anything moved.

Leaving for ABQ last weekend of June along I-10 and returning within a week. Will have "back of a minivan" space in both directions.

I'm then driving south from Seattleish / snohomishish down to SoCal along I-5 around July 9 and will be in a sedan.

if anyone needs anything moved along those routes, I'm game for helping. Seats, Bonnets, wheels, etc. Heavier stuff for the ABQ trip so long as it fits is ok.

I do have to say, please please PLEASE no contraband or residue of contraband. I carried a passenger that, in hindsight, I now understand why he wanted to be dropped off before we crossed into AZ. The dogs hit on my car while driving through a CBP checkpoint and delayed my trip while they sniffed everywhere his stuff had been in the back of my vehicle...

Re: Need anything moved? SoCal<->ABQ and SeaTac->SoCal

Drove empty on the ABQ trip. Seems a waste.

Still nothing for the SeaTac to SoCal trip. I'm going down the 5, so anything along route works for me.