Topic: MSR 2019: Who's coming, and who's bringing food.

MSR is like two months away, and my team has pretty much just started race prep. We're bringing the '64 Dart and the '41 Oldsmobile again. Maybe the Olds will be less terrible than last time. Maybe some top-secret changes are underway. Who knows? None of that is important right now.

The important thing is the Friday Night Hootenanny. We didn't really have one last year because everyone was so busy trying to make their cars run for 24 hours straight. Thankfully this year is back to a normal schedule, and we can take some more time to party.

This is also the first MSR race since Stuntin' and Splodin' was re-instituted, so it's obviously time to double down and make up for last year's lack of festivities. NOLA was fun as hell this year, and as far as I'm concerned we should continue to shoot for the moon... with the exception of the late night burnouts.

Plan to start around 6-7 PM Friday in the penalty box. Potluck sign-up is at the Google Sheet linked below, to ensure not everyone brings creamed corn.

So, whatcha bringin? … sp=sharing

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