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Topic: New Team in Sacramento

We are looking for one or two people to join us for a new Lemons team, based in Sacramento Area.
There are two of us now, both roadrace newbies. 

I just picked up the old Stupatio MX3, so have a car pretty much ready
to race, but I have a few other lemon project cars.

I've built a lot of cars, starting with a toyota drivetrain swap into a 58 Ford Anglia 30 years ago when I was 18 years old.
My current project is a mid-engine Audi v8 into a 67 Corvair.  I've also built an Electric Fiero, and have a fully custom 3-wheel EV,
and a custom 71 MG Midget with Suzuki 1.0L drivetrain.
I've also built the hardware and software for an EFI used on my 1959 Case Tractor, which was featured in the show "Pimp My Tractor".
(I'm kidding there is no such show, just a song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5jI9tqBiN4 )

The other teammate has a backyard full of Mazda rotary cars, Cosmo, Rx7s, etc.

I also have a twin-turbo 12A, and are giving some thought to put it in the MX3, since any good mazda has a rotary engine.

We might even try to get into the dec 2 sonoma race (with the V6).

Send forum email for more.

Re: New Team in Sacramento

Sounds like you have a good thing going! Probably shouldn't have a hard time finding guys. Being a rotary junkie i would love to help out but i live in PA. I just finished a 93 RX-7 street car project and am now working on a 91 CRX Lemons car. maybe oneway we will hall it down for a CA race.

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Re: New Team in Sacramento

Hello there local race enthusiasts.

I am always looking to help people getting into racing.   I am just north east of you in the small town of Loomis and teach quite a bit of road racing, and have a small shop at Thunderhill.  If you want some driver coaching, or advice, or really anything you think you might want help with just let me know. 


Re: New Team in Sacramento

I fairly new and although not looking for a team I would be excited to drive with you in December if you are keen for an A&D.
I am racing with another team already on the same day but could manage to drive both cars as long as we could agree on a schedule. Probbaly only doing one stint on Saturday and one on Sunday if the car survives.
I raced last year at Arse Freeze and have had a couple track days before and since. Last year was my first race ever and was the most exciting thing I have ever done and am completely hooked.I am also building a track/race truck.
reach out here if you like or contact me at jasonrosimms@gmail.com

Re: New Team in Sacramento

To give an update, we have 1 new member, and we have decided not to run the dec 2 Lemons race, and instead
are going to do a track day and get some experience and shake down the mx3.  Yeah I know, wtf why not be 'that guy' in Lemons who doesn't belong on the track in a car spewing fluids everywhere, but for once I've taken the advice from more experienced people..

And btw, I scored a set of G-force Rival S for the mx3, again, listening to advice about not buying cheap-ass tires, but you gotta
admit a tire from "MayRun" seems perfect for Lemons racing.  This can't keep going, I am sure tol do something really stupiid and ill-advised.

We do plan to run the March race.

Re: New Team in Sacramento

Looking for road race ride. If looking for driver let me know

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I'm in Folsom.  I may not be exactly the guy you're looking for, but I am interested in your project. 

I would be more interested in wrenching than in driving.
I love (but have painfully little experience with) rotary engines, so that potential swap would be amazing.
I have been a Mazda fan since my youth (my mom had a Miata when I was a teen, and I have owned a 626)

My availability is spotty since I still have a bunch of kids at home.  But I can come to you, and I can bring tools if necessary.

Re: New Team in Sacramento

I'll be in Walnut Grove most of the summer. I'll be sure to pop over for a visit.


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I'm certainly interested.  I've been trying to put together a Lemons team for some time but the resources near me are slim.  I do live all the way on the coast in Fort Bragg but used to drive to Clearlake every Sunday just for a flag football league.  I must admit I don't know much about rotary cars but I can turn wrenches, have a few tools, a truck, car trailer, and some other odds and ends I can contribute to a team.

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So Team Nimble Motorsports is signed up for the March race, we have three of us now, and are looking for at least 1, maybe 2 more drivers.
The MX3 is running good and fast!

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I'm in Sacramento and would love to join the team -

I have Gokart driving experience and several track days while working for APR,LLC

Avid wrencher and can certainly still reach out to additional friends for feedback who work with Flying Lizard and IMSA.

Victor1702@yahoo.com is my email! Looking forward to chatting more

Re: New Team in Sacramento

Hello thanks for your interest,, we have 5 already, but if you are
interested in cheating for the EV race prize, a new two-car setup is being planned..lol
Can you  drive the blocker truck to block out the BMW's?

Re: New Team in Sacramento

Had some drivers drop out, so we are looking for another driver for Thunderhill in May.
Don't really need any wrenching help, the mx3 is pretty much good to go.
We are not going to be winning anything, so we are about enjoying the experience.

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Re: New Team in Sacramento

I'd be interested. I have 20 Lemons races under the belt and haven't won anything (also based in Sacramento).
Please PM with the details.

1982 BMW 320i #94
Rusty Cock Racing

Re: New Team in Sacramento

I don't know if you're still looking for anyone to join your team? My father in law and I are very interested in becoming involved. I live in Sacramento and my father in law is bay area. We currently have an Austin Healey 3000 that we race. He has also done a couple of Lemons races in the past and it's something we feel we have the time and experience to help with.

Let me know if you're still looking for drivers!



Re: New Team in Sacramento

Hello Simon, always interested in other Lemons racers in the area.
We are all set for Buttonwillow race, but there is always another race coming up.  smile

Re: New Team in Sacramento

Simon, I sent you forum email, did not get a reply..check your spam folder.

Re: New Team in Sacramento

I know this post is dead dead dead, but I'm a newbie interested in getting in on anything lemon related near sac. I'm a computer engineer building a bobber Honda shadow, and trying to figure out wtf to do with my mk4 golf. Living in Arden.