Lemons' first big year was in 2010, so we're working on writing retrospectives of those races throughout the year. Today (February 20) is the 10th anniversary of Gator-O-Rama at MSR Houston, but I'll try to update this main post as they roll in and update the thread with a new one when it gets posted.

Auction Gavel-Trap Weekend @ Firebird Internatonal Raceway in Phoenix

Freezing-ass cold at Southern Discomfort at CMP

Serious jankitude at Gator-O-Rama, MSR Houston

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons

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Thanks for the retrospective on the sole Firebird Raceway event. I was there spectating. Little did I know how much tine I’d put into this pursuit over the ensuing decade.

Let’s see: immediately hauled an Audi GT out of storage and started pulling off non-essential bits. Realized this wasn’t going to come together with the people I cajoled into the project. Find another team whose car was more realistically going to race. Strangely, it was also an Audi GT. Made it to the track for Buttonwillow, 2010. Helped wrench on that through a very explodey 2011. Formed new team, built Benz. A&D in the Humber. Raced Benz for years. Original team lost the bug. Put on the captain hat and got new people addicted to this pastime. Completed the first Rally, too.
Finishing a new build for Inde this week. Acquired an F250. Thus, we are one trailer away from being a ready two car team.  Of course, in best Lemons tradition, the cars are totally unrelated. How did I get here?

#289 1984 Corvette Z51 (the road goes on forever…)
#111 Tradewinds Tribesmen VW Passat Inde ‘20 (‘21 too) Thunderhill ‘22!
Gone but not forgotten, #427-Hong Kong Cavaliers Benz S500: formerly known as OMG Racing #140
Other foolishness: Finisher of Hell on Wheels (Jaguar) IOE (Humber)