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Topic: A treatise on the general goodness of Lemons people

I recently purchased a 67 Fairlane from a fellow LeMon in Texas.

The car had already competed in one Lemons race, so it was usable as it was, other than needing fire suppression.  I'll add that later.

The current (now previous) owner mentioned to me that he was planning on doing an engine and trans swap because the stuff in the car looked leaky from freeze plugs and more.  I offered a little extra cash to the already fantastic deal on the car and he agreed to handle the swap for me, since I'm recently without a garage.

Not only was the swap completed very well, but this same LeMon added a better cable style shifter that he traded for instead of the crappy lever with a tennis ball and he also cobbled together the best combo of the old engine (head and carb) and the new engine and trans (better kickdown).  He improved the cooling, added a better starter and replaced gaskets.

Then, he agreed to meet me in the middle of the drive between Chicago and Texas, driving about 8 hours out of his way (in each direction) on a Saturday to bring the car to me in Joplin Missouri. 

While I know that I'm missing many of the other things that he did to help me make this a better car that's going to kick your asses in the Midwest, I don't currently have the appropriate words to express my gratitude.  This community of people (yes, you...) are the best people around and I routinely witness us helping each other so that we can pursue this silly hobby that brings us so much joy.

So, on a day when I can't even get lunch from a local restaurant in Chicago (non sequitur, I know), I'm writing very specifically to say thank you to Tom Webb.

Thank you, Tom.  The Fairlane has a seat with your name on it, whenever you want to race in the Midwest.

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