Topic: Lets talk about the good times!

Amid all the Chaos in our live right now, I would like to offer a quantum of solace.
Please share your fun stories of Lemons history.

Approximately ten years ago I started this mad capped adventure with A great friend of mine that is still my right hand today.
Our first race had several teammates bail out well before the race as soon as $ was discussed.
The first foray of door to door racing was about to start and after many hours of working on our Saturn it was time to choose a monkey to drive first.Overwhelmingly I was voted in. So I was strapped in and the Insanity started.
Back at Stafford springs in 2009 Lemons was a bit different.
Lap times were 30-35 seconds through a 1/4 ovals infield and on and off banking. The three black flag rule was expanded to 4 as contact was almost inevitable.
We didnt even make tech before Jay ran up to us and informed us we were too loud and needed to fix it......Fuck! Sawsall and a run for any muffler that could fit.....And we weren't even through tech!
So on to the race. Scared and excited I took to the track. Cars around everywhere.The driving was horrific, contact almost constantly and 5 Minutes in the engine developed a major Knock.
Time to rethink. Consensus was that we run back to New york 2 1/5 hours and obtain an engine. Half the team followed me back to the Saturn dealership I worked for where I promptly STOLE an engine from a coworker......(Sorry Joe!)
I was a single cam as ours was a dual cam. We converted it over night and at 4 am got back to the track.
The next morning, exhausted, we went back for Tech. I was greeted by Jay before we got through and he asked if I knew what the Peoples curse was.....(for those who aren't familiar, they would destroy your car at the 1/2 way mark if you were voted out)
Jay Informed me that it was our team and our car was to be destroyed.
My heart dropped. Defeated, I nodded my head........Then Jay laughed and said he was kidding..... Then I killed him with my bare hands (in my Mind.)
That started a wonderful friendship, I am glad to know Jay and his Circus that changed my life.

So to call out some other racers that I have met and spent hours and hours with,
A giant Thank You!

Three pedal Mafia, Jeff,Chris,Chrissy, love you Guys.....Thanks for the Laughs.
Speedcop, Jeff, You never fail to amuse me with your Insane ideas!
My Russian Collusion, Mike,Yuri,Andre,.....NasdRovia!!!
The Long Island contingents....The Alfa boys who fed me so many times with their Pasta party!, Also the Boys from Hit em in the Hein. who selflessly jumped into action to put us back together.
Upstate NY. Pete, Glad to have met you.......Always a blast!
Rhrode island, My newest friends. VW fox guys, If you need my help I am always available.
Connecticut.... Josh, My Brother from another, More good times to come,Tell Ben I said Wassup!.
The lemontarians It is always the best competing and trying to keep each other running on the "C" end of the race!
Pennsylvania, Racin' Rob and Randy, Cant wait for the next time to see ya'all.
Local....The 59 BMW Low T and BLah Blah Blah......Andy, Alex and John. Yall like family to me.

The Lemons Staff...I enjoyed every minute of working with you. I can't wait to Judge again....... Steve MCdaniel,TEO John Pagel,Kim,Dale,Ken,Rich,Tsogg,Eric,Nick,Roland,Jeff,and always Judge Phil.

My Team mates from the last 10 years......
Haase, Talkowski,Scott M,Kevin M,Bill K,Wanda,Mike,Ed,Steveo,Andy T,Ernie,Kevin D,Andrey,Ben, Josh,Bill R,Andy S, Andrew Irk,Jimmy V,Savas A, Scott L, Nate, Craig,Chip, Our Cajun Chef Russ, Our Team Mother Cheryl, Our Junior member Maddox, my Son Zack, And My WIfe Kat.

Love and Laughs Forever
Felow Racer and Friend

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Re: Lets talk about the good times!

I am only a spectator, team dad and sponsor but my favorite moment was when the Faster Farms chicken car went over on it's roof at Thunderhill and was driven home 3-4 hrs back to the bay area after the race with chunks of mud, grass and dandelions festooning the car.

Re: Lets talk about the good times!

As a team that now has been around for 10 years the first 6 years we were the quiet but friendly team that no one noticed.  We had a couple moments here and there of being in the top 10 l, but never really considered "good." Gingerman 2016 rolls around and we show up hoping to get a top 10 finish. Day starts out and just everything goes our way and we run a strong day and end the first day in first.  The best part about that night even though we stayed up all night to replace our exhaust because it was too loud was every one stopping by to encourage us for Sunday. We ended up running a clean Sunday and winning but my favorite memories were Saturday night having everyone talk to us, it was the moment we arrived 6 years in.  Seriously can't wait to get back to a Lemons weekend, I look forward to it all winter long.

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