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After watching the two Facebook lives, two questions were very interesting:
When is Lemons going to Laguna?
How are you going to promote class C cars?

They answer each other.  Go to the model that is eluded to, apply for the race.   Confirmed C class cars only and IOE winners in the last 5 years are a guaranteed  acceptance.  I know I would be will to pay a higher entrance fee for Laguna.


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Re: Lemons at Laguna

Jay and others have cover the Laguna thing a few times.  They have both a max car count and very high track rent price along with pretty severe noise restrictions that they actually constantly monitor.

As for your Class C a serial IoE and Class C builder, Laguna does not appeal to me for those cars.  Just I as I would likely not take our Class C cars to Road America, a lot of the fun for tracks like that is having the power to enjoy it verses just bing foot flat for 7/8ths of the course.