Topic: Lemons iRacing Schedule - Thursday, May 21

***Schedule for Thursday, May 21 @ Road Atlanta***

Please note, our stream is going to start at 9 pm ET this time. That's an hour earlier than previous weeks.

ALL RACES WILL FEATURE 20-MINUTE PRACTICES FOLLOWED BY A 24-MINUTE RACE. No heat formats like the last two weeks, so you'll have to jump in a new lobby after your first race. Here are the available sessions (Currently scheduled sessions in iRacing do not reflect that...below are the correct times to which the session will be adjusted):

9:00 pm ET - Practice (20 min.) + Race (24 min.)
9:40 pm ET - Practice (20 min.) + Race (24 min.)
10:00 pm ET - Practice (20 min.) + Race (24 min.)
10:40 pm ET - Practice (20 min.) + Race (24 min.)
10:50 pm ET - Silly Hats Only No Pedal/No Wheel Invitational - Practice (20 min.) + Race (24 min.)

The first two sprint races + Silly Hats Only should make the livestream, but we added races so you could run more if you wanted.

For the Silly Hats Only race, you'll need to have emailed me to enter ( If you've been in a Silly Hats Only race in the past, you should be allowed on-grid for this one. If your setup is different from the last time, drop me a note and a photo or video of it.

We're at Road Atlanta and the classes will be the same as last week. Silly Hats Only will again be just one class but with the same mix of cars.

A: Mustang
B: Legends, Jetta, ND MX-5 Cup
C: NC MX-5 Roadster, Soltsice

Have Fun!

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons