Topic: NJMP looking for seat

hey everyone, it is me again.

If NJMP happens, I am looking for a seat in another racecar. I have one stint booked and looking for 1 or 2 more stints. If you are looking for someone that stays out of trouble. Brings the car back in running order. Pays attention to the health of the car. Is relatively quick in the cars I drive. Please let me know.

I understand what it takes to run a full race and know the effort we put into our cars. I have a lot of hours into one of the five cars I race in Lemons. I will help out working on the car and doing what has to be done to keep us on track. If you want references I can give you as many as you want. Most people in the paddock know me pretty well and what I bring to the table.

- Alex or 8609776137

a lethal overdose of brick wall, taken while under the influence of a Ferrari and a bottle of tequila.