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Are seat sliders legal? Also I've scanned through the rules can our cage builder make the smallest micro cuts and weld instead of bending the pipe. We're not going to cut corners and if a pipe bender is needed then we'll get one.

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Seat sliders, yes.  No for cutting tubing to bend it. 

Also, get a quality bender.  The ones from HF kink the tube.

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Re: cage and seat questions

Make sure your sliders lock on both sides, not just one.  Many OEM sliders are fine.  If you mount your sliders on an angle so the seat gets higher as you pull it forward, your shorter drivers will thank you.  Check to make sure your antisubmarine belt fits your drivers as you move the seat, you can get a second antisubmarine belt if it doesn't.

Cuts, crimps and kinks in your cage tubing will be insta-fail and you will be ripping it out and starting over.  Lots of information in the rules and 'How not to fail tech inspection' guide.  Make sure your cage builder reads it and follows it.  Better yet, find someone who has built cages for Lemons before.

Re: cage and seat questions

A quick link for ease of reference:

How To Not Fail Lemons Tech Inspection