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Topic: 1994 Volvo 850 wagon - $300 - central connecticut

I've got my old daily that blew a head gasket and has been sitting for ~6 years. It's a 2.5 automatic with a bunch of miles (>255,000) There are no front seats. I've got new bilstein front shocks, and 4 Falken Azenis RT615k's mounted on Volvo Argo rims, available at an extra cost.


Here are the wheels and tires. They were mounted on a different car when it was taken. I got into an accident with the green wagon, so 2 of the tires are brand new with ~30 miles on them (garage to final resting place mileage)


Tan colored rear facing 3rd row seat may be available at a price for additional IoE points. Also available is a silver mitsubishi lancer spoiler that would look delightfully ridiculous on the roof. The rear seat arm rest transforms into a child booster seat. This car was made for the school run, but also has a crazy tight turning radius, and a sport mode on the transmission that holds gears longer. Cut the exhaust and hear the 5 cylinder roar, with all of it's brappy goodness.

This could be you