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Topic: 1990 Miata $500 Rockville MD

Running and driving Miata,

Drive train is in great condition, just had a new clutch installed and it has been well maintained.   

Seats are removed but the rest of the interior is there and in good condition. (PERFECT FOR RACE CAR)

Currently on air ride suspension but that will be removed before it is sold.  We will probably reinstall the stock dampers

There is no soft top installed, car had a hardtop but that was removed.

Fenders have been cut for flares but flares were removed and sold

Car is mostly straight,  the passengers door has the bottom pushed in on it from an unintended swipe of a curve.   

Very little rust. 



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Can you send a few pictures?

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i am in DC . where are you in rockville?

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Is this still available?!

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Hey guys, 

Sorry for the delayed response .  I don't check this frequently.

the car is still available!!!!

  Car is currently sitting on stock dampers and springs.

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Here are some pics. 


Probably best to DM me as I don't check this forum frequently enough./