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Topic: CMP - September 2020 - Gentleman's Agreement

"A gentleman does not motor about after dark" - George Lucas

In the Spirit of the Prince of Darkness, Tunachuckers are contemplating entering the full 24 this September at Carolina Motorsports Park- but with a twist.  The race is set to kick off at 11AM Saturday, and run until 11AM Sunday.  Our plan is to park the car at approximately 9:30PM Saturday, and resume racing at 7AM Sunday.  Thus, we will avoid motoring about in darkness, and also, coincidentally, manage to get the same amount of track time as would normally be run during the regular fall race (typically around 14.5 hours). 

In addition to parking our car during the wee hours, we'll be setting up camp in the back part of the paddock, far away from the garage and track, to minimize noise and interference with Real Racers who will be red-mistedly turning laps at all hours.

I'll be cross-posting this to the unofficial Facebook 24 HoL group; any other teams interested in joining our scheme?  I'm open to suggestions on tweaking the hours, too- maybe start a bit earlier on Sunday or end a little earlier on Saturday.  Any other ideas we should consider?


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Re: CMP - September 2020 - Gentleman's Agreement

Mike, while I cannot confirm this, I thought there was mention of doing two races in one.  A full 24 and a split race, like a normal weekend.  Hopefully this will be the case.

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Re: CMP - September 2020 - Gentleman's Agreement

The second race within a race is not split.

I suggested exactly this "14 hour, daylight only" split race inside a race to Nick Pon in an email.

Nick explained that was too complicated to score.

He did concede many people dont want to race at 2 am, or go for 24 hours straight.

The shorter, Official,  12 hour event is from the 11 am start, and ends 12 hours later, at 11pm.

So even the 12 hour racers need head lights.

I understand the impulse to run daylight only, but my guess is the majority of racers will go the full 24, and the remainder will only pull 11am to 11 pm.


Re: CMP - September 2020 - Gentleman's Agreement

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Re: CMP - September 2020 - Gentleman's Agreement

mechimike wrote:

"A gentleman does not motor about after dark" - George Lucas

"Sand is course, and it gets everywhere, not like a lady" - Also George Lucas.

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