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Topic: Best route thru Tennessee if towing trailer

Google has failed me on this search...hoping someone here can give their thoughts.

I'll be towing a 30' trailer to the Atlanta area from Chicago in October.  I've done the drive before (in cars) and remember I75 in Tennessee is very hilly between Nashville and Chattanooga.  Would I65 from Nashville to Birmingham and then 20 to Atlanta be better?  It's only about a 100 mile difference on the longer route.


Re: Best route thru Tennessee if towing trailer

I would say that you're correct on that assumption. I haven't driven that route personally but I have driven through Chattanooga area in a semi and if you want to avoid hilly roads then do what you propose.

Re: Best route thru Tennessee if towing trailer

Haven't been down I-75 in that area, but have been up and down I-65 between Nashville and Birmingham a fair bit. I-65 is hilly in north Alabama and south of Nashville.  Not terribly steep hills for the most part, but up and down until you get near the Huntsville area, flattens out for a bit, then hilly again until Birmingham.   I-20 will be the same to Atlanta (flatter between Pell City and Oxford, otherwise hilly).

Re: Best route thru Tennessee if towing trailer

I have driven Nashville-Birmingham and Birmingham-Atlanta.  But for the seemingly constant construction at points, it is flat, two-lane each direction interstate.  Great route for towing.  (Roll Tide)

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