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Any info on the upcoming New England tour?  Starting point, hotels, etc?

Looking to book rooms (which fill quickly during foliage season in NE)...

Thanks for any info!

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Overnight stops are Bennington, VT, and Rangely, ME.

Starting and ending at NHMS. More details coming today, hopefully, and for the Route 66 Rally.

Eric Rood
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Great - thank you!

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I'm sure Eric et. al. have been looking at this.  Just putting it all together for everyone to read up on.
It may be complicated.  For example, the Maine overnight stop is in a county from which VT would have you quarantine - if you lived in that county. … ate-travel
Vermont's travel restrictions and quarantine requirements are... something to be aware of.

Non-Vermont Residents

    Residents of other states who live in counties across the Northeast including New England; New York; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New Jersey; Delaware; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and West Virginia that have a similar active COVID-19 caseload to Vermont (defined as less than 400 active cases per million) may enter the state for leisure travel without quarantining if they do so in a personal vehicle.

    Residents of other states who live in a quarantine county or are from any other state outside of the Northeast (including New England; New York; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New Jersey; Delaware; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and West Virginia), must follow quarantine guidelines:

        Travelers arriving to Vermont in a personal vehicle, may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions.

I read this as "your county of residence" and not strictly as "the county you left before heading into Vermont."

And, New Hampshire being vague:

The two week self-quarantine has been lifted for those traveling to New Hampshire from surrounding New England States (Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island). Those traveling to New Hampshire from non-New England states for an extended period of time are still asked to self-quarantine for a two-week period.

"Extended" seems to mean "overnight," which technically we don't have, but if we're starting in the morning from NHMS, it may be implied for some of us.

Maine's websites are quite wordy, but this seems to be up to date: … althy/faqs

Maine has three options for visitors to or from other states: 1) getting a recent negative COVID-19 test (further defined below);  2) maintaining compliance with a 14-day quarantine (PDF) upon arrival in Maine; 3) being exempted from the testing or quarantine requirement if you are a resident of the following states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey (effective July 3), New Hampshire and Vermont (effective June 26), and Massachusetts (effective Sept. 23).

There are no listed stops in Massachusetts, but they do this at the state level: … sk-states-

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Bumping this thread. 

The VT weekly map is out -- and unfortunately our New York county has flipped to the "bad" list so we are not welcome in VT.  Which then kindaaaaa messes up our rally plans. There's a pretty significant change to the map as of today (10/6) so if you're Lemons planning I'd recommend taking a look.

Stay safe out there and wear your mask!  We'll see you next time (fingers crossed).