Topic: Looking for a Team in or near Atlanta

I'm interested in joining a team to learn the ins and outs of Lemons and get some time behind the wheel to start my own team or continue with a good group of racers.

I'm competitive but looking for a good environment to learn and have a fun time.

I've built my own 94 mustang GT and worked on many other cars so I can wrench without issue but have no welding or fab experience but very willing to learn.

the only racing I've done is Kart racing and while I can beat my friends I'm still very much an amateur driver.

the only gear I have is my Motorcycle gear so I will probably need to upgrade safety gear or barrow/rent

if anyone has any info on people looking for new members or any other ways I can start racing please feel free to let me know

Re: Looking for a Team in or near Atlanta

How much experience do you have with a wrench?