Topic: 20' or 22' Enclosed Trailers, what brand and features do you love?

Looking to purchase my first ever car hauler. Will service 2 Lemon races a year and maybe 3 or 4 track events.

What I know I want (so far):
Ideal length is 22'
Must be no more than 3000lbs
must have escape hatch
ramp extension
tandem torsion axels

what I think I want:
wired for electric
flat front
winch plate
additional tie downs and/or tack system for Lemons weekends when we want to roll in the tool chest and secure it in the nose of the trailer.
rear "spoiler" - I like having that little overhand for possible "wet" weekends.

What am I not thinking of?

So far I have been looking at:
ATC (which seem more expensive and heavier)
Stealth - on of the few that make a 22' (most others make 20 or 24')
Haul-It: these seem very inexpensive, maybe to inexpensive?
In Tech: Again, less $$$ than others but quality?

I don't need the best, I just don't want to buy crap.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: 20' or 22' Enclosed Trailers, what brand and features do you love?

Having shopped for an enclosed trailer about 3 years ago I can tell you that finding a 22" is not going to be easy. Most  trailers are built in 20,24,28 ft lengths. Many will build a 22 ft but you'll have to wait for it to be made.
Second, your 3000 LB  M T weight is about right but there are a few makers that may go over that number.

Third, buying used is not that much of a cost savings as I was finding 5-6 year old trailers seeming to be selling for 70-80% of a new one.
And they were already showing their age.

I ended up buying a new 20 ft ATC Raven model aluminum trailer that is supposed to have weighted under 2300 lbs. Why  I haven't weighted it but I can believe it since I can get off from a traffic light almost as quickly with it  as when I am towing my open trailer which I est. weights around 1600 lbs MT.
As I pick up speed the wind resistance of the enclosed does effect acceleration but you would have to expect that.
I see a 3 mpg difference when towing between the two trailers.

I cant' say why you find  ATC's are heavier since I chose mine simply because it was one of the lightest trailers I found for sale.
Mine is a basic trailer with no options. I prefer to add my own as I go. I have the time and skills to do that so why pay someone else.

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Re: 20' or 22' Enclosed Trailers, what brand and features do you love?

24’ is out due to weight.
22’ is hard to come by
20’ is more plentiful but will we have room for spares and tool chest in front of the car for race weekend?

At this point I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying new.

Looking at ATC and Stealth..... but if I go with ATC I’ll have to deal with only 20’ because their 22 is too heavy.

The weights I’m referring to are listed on the manufacturer websites. In my week of research it seams that the ATC is a very high quality product. But when looking size one size to Stealth they are generally a couple hundred pounds heavier.

Thank you again for your reply above. I appreciate you confirming what I was learning... not a ton of value in used trailers. 20% more is worth piece of mind.... and a warranty.

I encourage anyone else with car trailer experience to weigh in.


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Re: 20' or 22' Enclosed Trailers, what brand and features do you love?

I've got a 20' wells that I bought a few years back because the deal was smoking. There's a few features I would change.

Mostly I'd prefer one without the garrotte string back door helpers.

I did change the side door, but an escape hatch for the driver door would be nice.

Plenty of room for tools and spares with one car.

That guy