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Topic: 2002 Mercedes C230 Coupe - 6MT - Huntsville, AL $250

I would love for my 2002 C230k to go down in a Lemons race.  I was hoping to transform it into a Lemons Racer myself, but I don't have anywhere to work on it or useful friends. 

It has about 225,000 miles on it and needs a clutch.  Since the clutch went out (when I let a friend drive it for the weekend) it has been sitting in my backyard.  My wife hates it.  I love it.  But, it must go.  Rather than junk it I thought I'd offer it up here for a while. 

It is a 6 speed manual transmission with sport alloy wheels and a moon roof, which you could remove.  It is black with black leather seats. 

It is located in Huntsville, AL. 

When I figure out how to add images I will.  I can email pics if you would like.

You can text me at 256-426-5097.

Re: 2002 Mercedes C230 Coupe - 6MT - Huntsville, AL $250

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