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Topic: Mazda Mx-6 Class B

The Team Bust-a-nut Racing is selling our Mazda MX-6 complete with title.  The car has not been run in the past few years as the team has been much too busy with kids and life.  You can see pictures of the multitude of award winning themes here  For sale $500 - less than the price of the cage. Needs tires and a valve job on one cylinder bank.  JDM KLZE motor. Pictures can be found by googling Bustanut - Sleigher 666, Mr T-Party, Good Bier Blimp and Great Lakes Carp. Car is located on I75 North between Detroit and Flint in Michigan.  Delivery to the midwest is possible for extra charge

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Where is the car located?  Michigan?

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Yes, car is in Michigan - edited.  A north carolina delivery could be possible for an extra charge asd I have family in the area

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So what is the cost of the cage?

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I’m interested. Call/text me at +15017642025

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Interested as well if 1Racecar doesn't come through. 719-799-0846