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We havea celica shell sitting around, was caged for Chump, so would need some love for Lemons, but otherwise pretty much prepped.  The problem is that the 22R/RE engines don't seem to last in Lemons.  Was thinking about a 3800 swap, looks like with a jeep bell housing it should bolt up to the W55 in the celica.  Some other issues arise.. I am guessing the smart move is to find a running car and take the ECU and harness with the motor, but was wondering how other people who have swapped them have dealt with that?  (and yes this is directly related to the fact that my other car keeps shaking itself to death)...


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NA or SC?   As much as I love our 3800 cars, another team has had amazing luck with the Ecotec...2.2L make grea power and will be much lighter than your old tractor engine where the 3800 is likely going to at least 100#'s tot he assembly.

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From what I have read those 3800's do well, meaning they last. There are also performance parts available for those V6'd. Go for it.

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If you are going the V6 route look to something a little modern like and LZ9 240 hp and 240 lb⋅ft  torque NA with a massive torque curve. Also more likely to find lower milage in a junkyard than the older 3800s.

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