Topic: 4 Sparco 14” Wheels: $200 + shipping (OKLA)

We mounted these Sparco Trofeo 4 14-inch wheels on our ’89 VW Cabriolet (Mk1) and raced nine 24 Hours of Lemons races (the last race was a full 24 hours in Denver).  The wheels are light, durable, straight and a great value for the price.  Why sell them?  We moved to 15” wheels.  $200 plus shipping.

Size: 14” x 6”
Offset: 35mm
Bolt Pattern: 4-100
Recommended Tire Size: 195/60R14
Weight: 14.1 lbs.
Finish: Gold Painted (one has some pink paint from a Miata and another with some scuff marks)
Construction: 1pc. Gravity Cast

Re: 4 Sparco 14” Wheels: $200 + shipping (OKLA)

Hey man! If you still have these, do you have any pictures of them? Might be interested for the car I'm putting together. Thank you!

Re: 4 Sparco 14” Wheels: $200 + shipping (OKLA)

Shafters - I still have the Sparco wheels.  Flick a note to my email account, and I will reply with pictures.