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Topic: Any Mainers out there?

I have been running in Lemons since 2014 on the west coast and will be spending more and more time in the Augusta ME area. I have somewhere around 25 races completed and looking to build another car here locally. Any teams or racers nearby?? 


Re: Any Mainers out there?

Greetings, just saw this post looks like it was created a few months back. Im new and want to get into racing. I'm from Maine near the Augusta area I have experience with vehicles of all types passionate about research and repairs and am a safe and reliable driver with potential, I would like to chat further with you, thank you for your time.

Re: Any Mainers out there?

Don't know if you guys are still looking for people, I moved to Maine a couple of years ago and Brunswick last year.  Former auto tech turned Submariner now riding a desk.  Have wanted to get into racing for forever and now that I'm semi-settled what better time than now and what better what to start out than Lemons