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Topic: 2004 Ford Focus ZX3 perfect starting platform. $500 in Gainesville, GA

So this is my Son's ex-car. It's a bone stock focus hatchback with the zetec 2.0 DOHC engine. I've got a massive laundry list of parts I've installed keeping it up for my kid. He's a complete slob though and the car is an extension of him.
Cut to the chase:
The Good:
1. Drivetrain with just over 200k that has been maintained well since 113k (Automatic)
2. Drives great and everything works including the A/C
3. Actually has good tires
4. Drive it away to wherever or on the trailer
The Bad:
1. The body is butt ugly, dents, scratches, paint fade
2. Interior is butt ugly missing pieces, interior door handles, manual window handles
3. IAC is acting up (not putting another penny in this car)

Thinking about heading to Craigslist for $500 but thought wouldn't it be cool if somebody makes a Lemon's car out of this!

I hope I'm following the rules with this post.
Location is Gainesville, GA 30506
Helps to throw down contact info: fleathatsme@hotmail.com