Topic: Pitt Race Looking for funded driver

Nuke Proof Racing in conjunction with Lake Effect Racing will be fielding a race entry for the PITTSBURGH INT'L RACE COMPLEX, WAMPUM PA THE PITT MANEUVER 2021 APRIL 17 - APRIL 18, 2021. We will have 3 drivers, we currently have 1 seat available that is 2 total stints, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

Driver qualifications: Looking for experienced/funded drivers, please send me your resume and details about your driving to once I review your details I will send you pricing and further information.

Expectations: No hot heads need to apply. Looking for drivers that are consistent lap times that are comparative to my own or faster and drive clean. At the track my expectations are that you will help out with pitstops and be in the pits during the races to make sure our strategy is put in place for the races during the weekend. You are responsible for any damage, money shifting, redlining etc...We are bringing a full set of spare parts incase mechanical issue or the unfortunate happens.  You are responsible for bringing your own safety equipment, lodging, transporation to and from the track and food. We are following the COVID-19 track protocol of wearing masks, when not suited up with a helmet.  Any questions please let me know.

Details on the car:

1991 Dodge Stealth, 5 speed.

3.0 V6

164 hp @ 5500 rpm

185 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm

Kirkey seat on sliders. Can accommodate a 5'4 driver up to 6'5 with no problem.

Legal for Champcar, WRL, and Lemons