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Didn't have enough time between work and school to finish my Camaro build for the race but I'd like to experience it if possible.  Never been to a Lemons race and want to experience it and help where possible.  I'm 21 but have no license so no seat time for me.  Just a free hand to help on repairs and be a general grunt.  My shop is 45 minutes away from the track.  Can bring my own tools and my garage can be used as a work space if desired. Email me if interested @

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We already have one perspective new team captain and his father signed up for the same more is no issue.  PM me and will send you the invite code.

We will be racing the 1947 Plymouth with an engine that came out of a Camero...even if it did not come from the factory with that engine.

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Just responded to you...since it is from a gmail account, if you do not see it, check your spam.