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Topic: Electric Battery kill on the ChrisFix BMW

So Chris fix is part of the new eBay "partnership" and just did a video intro of his sponsored build.

He seems to be planning to use an electronic battery isolator, that's not a legal kill switch is it? It looks like it cuts NEGATIVE not Positive side. And the isolator itself and its switches seem to remain powered.

Cause seriously, if it is, that solves a lot of people's dead kill switch issues. Although not cheap mind.



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Re: Electric Battery kill on the ChrisFix BMW

These type of devices have been discussed over on Facebook.  The gist I got was that Pagel isn't enthusiastic about them.  Not because they don't work but because it's harder/more time consuming for tech to verify they are correctly installed.  We sometimes have to remember that they have to tech 100+ cars in 5 or 6 hours.  Plus they cost 10x as much as a simple switch

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