Topic: 1998 Sebring Convertible $500 in Houston Texas. Race is May 8th

1998 Sebring Convertible Houston Texas -  $500 - Free entry to the Sebring Race in  May - Enter a  Chrysler Sebring in the Sebring Race the "Yokohama Southern Discomfort 2021" and your entry fee is waived. The race is  May 8th & 9th. Entry deadline is April 24th.

And I have the just the Chrysler Sebring for you. This is my  mom's 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible. In 2018 my brother and I paid thousands to have the car mechanically restored. After all that, mom decided she didn't want it anymore.

Here's some of the work done
New struts and springs front & rear
Suspension rebuilt, includes top & bottom ball joints, steering end links, front wheel bearing, front calipers and more
Engine removed, resealed, cylinder heads rebuilt, timing belt and related pullies replaced, engine mounts and more.
Mileage is still under 100K _ I can email you a copy of the Bill & work order

This car has lots of sellable parts including a good convertible top. You should be able to recover the $500 purchase price.

The transmission need replacing or repairing. Cars runs and drives but struggles to get into 3rd gear. The auto transmission  repair guy, said that based on the sound, the pump wasn't producing enough pressure. In any event it needs to come out and be dealt with it.
There is a Mitsubishi manual transaxle that bolts up to this engine (its a 2.5L V6) but that's all I know.

You will need to collect the car in Houston Texas, pay the $500 in Paypal or cash and title the car in your name. Texas provides for a title only transfer for car which aren't currently registered, insured or roadworthy. No inspection is required. I will help you with this. … … -a-vehicle

The last item is not negotiable. When your trailer breaks lose from your truck on a Alabama highway and you decide to keep going and concentrate on the future, I don't want my mom getting the registered letter from the the state of Alabama.
You'll also need to provide your own battery.

Link to the Race

Re: 1998 Sebring Convertible $500 in Houston Texas. Race is May 8th

Very interested in running in the Sebring. I am located in Houston so it would be easy to pick up the car.

Re: 1998 Sebring Convertible $500 in Houston Texas. Race is May 8th

Hi Calvin

I sent you a message via the web site's internal email system. You should have it by now.

Looking forward to  talking/meeting you.