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Topic: Fuel Safe 6-gallon Dump Cans w/ Dry Break Kits $300 (Agoura Hills, CA)

Price per unit. (3) units available. Buy 2 get 1 free for $600.

Super cheaty:  Capable of fueling 5 gallons in 3.5 seconds!

A bit scuffed up, but work perfectly, do not leak, etc. Used in Lemons and Champ Car racing, SCCA, NASA, NHRA, etc. Markings on them for the 5-gal mark to make them "legal" for Lemons (you could add a 1gal foam plug to make them 5 gal as well, but nobody cared because we were never close to winning anything.  Refueling speed wasn't why our results sucked.)

Pickup preferred. Shipping ok, but they won't be cheap, because they're big.  (No "she said" jokes, please)

Will consider NB Miata compatible parts in trade.

From Fuel Safe:
SKU: DUMP CAN 6 gallon size. Part #DC006-QFK - - - - $566.00
Includes quick fill dry break kit option to cut your fueling time down. Dry Break Kit - (2.25" quick fill kit) is a $389 upgrade to the $177 dump can.

Same as the photo except the hose connecting to the dry break is straight, rather than 45deg kink.

Re: Fuel Safe 6-gallon Dump Cans w/ Dry Break Kits $300 (Agoura Hills, CA)

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