Topic: RV rally viability?

Complete noob here. A few good friends and I are hoping to participate in Hell On Wheels California, and one in particular is considering entering using his 1980something RV. While it currently has a seized engine (considering dropping it in favor of an LS), probably-ruined tires, and a "good enough" suspension, would it be a good idea to try rallying it in November?

Re: RV rally viability?

Good ideas are not really relevant to a Lemons Rally.

But if you can get it to work by then, of course you should.

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Re: RV rally viability?

Yea any not a motorcycle. People have done school busses. Super Bonus Points if it's the weird GMC RV with the FWD Eldorado powertrain! Those look like what the past thought the future was going to be!

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Re: RV rally viability?

We try to keep the rally to places that have space for large vehicles, but that's not always possible. The aforementioned school bus had a pretty rough drive up the Oatman Highway, for example.

An RV or semi tractor might be tough, depending on the rally, but it's not impossible. You may have to do a little more on-route research to figure out what you can reach and what you can't; we occasionally use roads that aren't rated for heavy vehicles. Long story short: If you want to do it, bring it and you'll figure out how to make the most of the route.

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