Topic: Put the rat in your car at Joliet!

Hey yall its that guy in the cowboy hat that races with the black 38 Corvette in the Midwest.  Team Sucker punch.

I'm looking for a ride for the Joliet race!

My resume:

Ive been racing since I was 15 so...thats.....damn Ive been racing for over 20 years now!  You think I would have learned.

Ive done 26 Lemons races including 11 races at Autobahn. 

Ive also done ice racing, Chumpcar races, SCCA, and World racing league (WRL) events.

My skills:

I'm a mechanic by trade (mostly GM) so I'm pretty handy with a wrench.  Most of my knowledge is new school stuff but I can figure out most old school cars with a big enough hammer. 

My stuff!

I have a Transponder Id be willing to let you use to save you the rental fee, I'm self contained (HANS device, tent, gear) so no need to loan me anything to be legal, and I'm almost local, so if you need me to bring a tool from my collection just say the word.

My goal!

To have fun!   Now I like winning so if you have a fast class A car I can lay down the laps.  But if you have something slow and interesting I'm also game to give it a drive.  I love helping out new and rookie teams Ive done it a number of times.  So no matter who you are or what you race Id love to give it a try.

Let me know here and lets talk ;-)

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Re: Put the rat in your car at Joliet!

sent an SMS to the number I had for you saved in my phone (-:

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Re: Put the rat in your car at Joliet!

I can vouch, excellent driver and mechanic!

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