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Topic: SOLD - SEATTLE - 95 Chevrolet S10 pickup $500

April 10, 2021
Rescued - Sold to a local for on-road use.

I drove the truck home. Change of plan: just selling whole with a good running engine.

184,000 miles on the odo.

• Complete.
• Engine appears to have had a very recent overhaul - freeze plugs and bolts. Good compression (150 psi) and smooth running
• Clutch smooth and not slipping
• brakes work fine but the brake light is on (ABS module issue?)
• Transmission smooth
• Suspension, bushings, and steering seem tight while driving.
• Zero rust on the frame or suspension components (seriously, it's amazing!)
• Vehicle alignment very good
• Cooling system perfect
• Differential quiet.
• Some gas in the tank
• Tires all good and holding air
• Clear WA title
• Quarter glass is perfect
• Body panels are straight (sorry)
• guages all work
• No check engine light
• Door glass in place and operable.
• Engine mounts brand new
• OEM curb weight: 3100 lbs.

• Transfer case operates okay, but *very* occasionally discovers neutral and needs to be turned off and turned on again.
• vacuum line routing error (possibly causing the transfer case issue)
• Windshield whole but has many cracks
• Rear window surrounded by silicone sealant
• Unknown maintenance history
• Driver door sags on hinges (typical)
• Wiring has not been attacked by mice or an over-zealous racing team (sorry)

If it's not gone by the end of next week, I'm going to scrap it.

Re: SOLD - SEATTLE - 95 Chevrolet S10 pickup $500

Probably too late, but any chance you still have this?

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Re: SOLD - SEATTLE - 95 Chevrolet S10 pickup $500

Thanks for the query. No, it's gone. I'll edit to indicate that it's sold. It was a *really* good deal! I know the person who purchased it and he's a bit short on money, so there's a slight possibility that I could hook you up with it in future, but by that time, you'll probably already have something. Timing matters.