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Topic: Mitsu At Pitt Race - NEED HELP

We're driving a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse that we cannot get started.  Definitely electrical, we believe it to be the ECU.  Need an electrical assist, a lead on an ECU / Fob / Immobilizer, or a DSM tuner.

Reply here, will contact.

Re: Mitsu At Pitt Race - NEED HELP

7 third-gen Eclipses at Harry's U-Pull-It - S Hazleton, PA, right near I-80 & I-81. No guarantees there's an ecu there,  but two just came in last week. They close at 4pm F & S. They open tomorrow at 8am.. Other earlier and later Eclipses also.

Harry's Inventory - select in the grey area.

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Thank you Effluent!  U Pull Its generally don't hang onto the key fobs, and they go with the ECU.  Thank you for the lead!

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I thought you were looking for a replacement ECU - I misunderstood.

I hope you can source what you need - good luck.

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I was at Harry's Pennsburg yesterday for parts, and an '01 Eclipse was _just_ set out. I pulled off a couple of wheels, and found these, if you're interested (set of 4):


They at least _look_ like expensive go-fast-parts

Re: Mitsu At Pitt Race - NEED HELP

You mean something with tubes and rubber connectors and a cone filter on the end? Sure did/ maybe does.

What are the above? Looks like adjustable height thingies.

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Re: Mitsu At Pitt Race - NEED HELP

Yes, they do look like those.

Parts won't be there long. As I was taking off the best two tires (like 235/45-17, 380tw), a guy came over and was looking at them. After he said a couple of words to a woman who was with him, she said, "No, you're not looking at that for him" - I'm guessing she meant a friend of his.  He was also looking at the exhaust, with that fat pipe, and that ever-so-obvious large opening muffler.