Topic: Fuel cell: appreciable safety improvement?


I am working on my long mothballed (actually no mothballs, just mud dauber cities. They built an Ikea in there) 1972 Merc Comet again.

I've had two kids since I last touched it, and safety is paramount where it can be improved. Racing is always going to have its risks.

The fuel tank shares some commonality with the exploding Pinto of the sane time period,  I believe. Would an FIA fuel cell be a legitimate improvement in safety in the event of a hard wreck?


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Re: Fuel cell: appreciable safety improvement?

Much of the answer will come from the quality of the installation, quality of the components used, and specific location in the car.  All that being done well then a fuel cell should be better than a 70s car.  The newer it gets the less the safety delta.

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Re: Fuel cell: appreciable safety improvement?

Just be prepared to spend an equal amount of dollars on everything else related to the cell as you would the cell itself.  IIRC, the vomet/maverick fuel tank is right behind the back bumper with the filler in the rear panel.  Suboptimal so I'd tend to agree that a properly installed fuel cell would be un upgrade.  Let's say you go with a 20 gal fuel cell.  Keep in mind that there will be 120+ lbs of fuel in there plus the weight of the cell itself.  That's a lot of weight to be flying around in a crash so make sure it is solidly secured to something solid.
You can search here for sample pics of good installs.  Assuming you put it in the trunk and you seal the trunk off from the passenger compartment you don't really need an FIA cell.  You usually can buy the equivalent cell from the same manufacturer but just without the cert.  Note that some non-LeMons orgs want a certified cell but I'm thinking a vomet really isn't a candidate for those anyway.

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Re: Fuel cell: appreciable safety improvement?

Second the "double the cost of the fuel cell itself on related items".  But it's worth it IMO

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Re: Fuel cell: appreciable safety improvement? do it right, yes it will be safer.

People race Pintos and Mustang 2s in other series, might be worth it to check into what others have done and give the rules a few more reads.

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