Re: New team 1st race at Gingerman June 2021 S10

That_Noise_Is_Normal wrote:

A few quick ones if you don't mind:

1. Numbers, OK to have just white numbers on our dark red truck or need to add black circle background?

2. Kill switch, mounted in center of dash now, ok to just add pull cord out to passenger window or need to move to driver window side dash?

3. Normal practice times at Gingerman on Friday?  I might be early on this, maybe it posts closer to race.

Trying to be a good new team that wins at tech our first try, im sure we'll miss something but would like those to be easy fixes.

Thanks everyone!

1.  White numbers are fine, just make them big and bold!  You might want to consider putting a number on the hood instead of the roof, thats what we did since the roof is so small on our car.

2.  We have it in the center and with a pull cable to the passenger side window.  Passes tech for ALL the race series we race in.  Dont forget to label it as a kill switch though.

3.  9-5 with an hour lunch break, also you have to sign up for practice with Gingerman don't forget to do so

I will echo what everyone else has said here its all good advice...and here is a bit more from me.

Cooling:  As others have said get the biggest radiator you can fit, you are gonna need it in July.  Also make sure to seal up the radiator to the nose of your truck.  A thick radiator will spill a lot of air around the sides, seal it up and force the air to go into it.  Besides the police cars you can also score nice oil coolers off of motor homes and box trucks, thats were we got ours.  Just getting fresh air to your driver will help a ton with keeping them cool and happy in the race, nothing fancy just a dryer duct pointed at them from the passenger window will work. 

Radios:  As others have said you can do without, but if you are still considering this is what we use and we love it...also help support another Lemons team!

Clutch:  Dunno if I read this or not might want to replace atleast the disc before you go racing, old clutches tend to go bang when raced.   Doesn't have to be anything fancy, a decent brand stocker should work for the S 10

Pit Momma:  if you CAN you SHOULD have a pit momma, that is...someone to make sure everyone is drinking water, fed, gofer, etc.  Its VERY easy to get caught up in the race and forget to eat and drink. 

best of luck!

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