Re: Best adjustable seat setup for tall drivers?

Yup, thanks all! I don't see OEM sliders nearby for the 240, I'll be checking for sliders on a 2007 mustang in a nearby(ish) junkyard in a bit. I was looking at the Corbeau FX1 Pro but it has "feet" for the bottom mounting that look like they'll take up valuable headroom. I'll be trying out a QRT-R since it looks like it is a little bit bigger than the FX1 even but can mount a bit lower. I'll order the Sparco mounting plate and slider to give me as many options as possible for installation, then scrounge junkyards for good slider options otherwise while I'm waiting on shipping.

After the seat is in mounted as well as possible we'll check out what we have to do for the cage, good to know that people have done oddball things in that area before!

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Re: Best adjustable seat setup for tall drivers?

Half-Fast Racing runs New Beetles, and 2 of the 3 Beetles have Corbeau Forza seats with the Corbeau sliders. The Beetles have fairly good headroom due to the rounded roof shape. Our upper cage bars are up tight against the roof so they provide plenty of headroom.  The cage builder obviously dropped the cage through the floor to weld the roof bars, then raised it back before welding in the base plates.

We find the Corbeau slider brackets to be plenty sturdy - all are 2018 or later.  Just watch your fingers when sliding the seat back firmly, as you can catch/smash your fingers between the seat slider release lever and the car floor frame cross rail when sliding back aggressively.  I cut the rear brackets on the slider frame down by about an inch and drilled new holes for the bolts. That gave us way more than enough headroom for all four of our 6'1" drivers. It should provide clearance for up to 6'4" or 6'5" easily and I think would allow headroom for 6'7". None of us slide the seat back as far as it will go, either, so should be plenty of legroom for long legs.

On the strength of the Corbeau sliders, we inadvertantly crash-tested a car at Atlanta in 2019 with a pre-2018 seat and slider. It hit the wall hard enough to bend the seat frame and the slider base but nothing broke. The seat frame and slider frame both bent some but didn't crack or break and still slid back and forth afterwards.  Cage, seat, and harness kept the driver in place and only his ego was injured badly - he only had minor to moderate rib bruises from the seat frame (which was bowed noticeably towards the passenger side). The car was badly damaged - enough that it took us two hours to get the car onto an open trailer, but the cage, seat, etc. did their job keeping him safe. We were impressed enough to buy the same seat and base for our replacement car, and the next car, too. The third car was purchased already caged and it came with a Sparco seat, so we kept that; otherwise would have put another Corbeau in it.