Topic: Wrench in the Detroit Area looking for team

Hi everyone, I'm a mechanic in Macomb County (metro Detroit area), I was a fleet manager (and before that a fleet mechanic, and before that a regular mechanic) for a 36-truck landscaping company until last year when the company liquidated.  The bulk of my experience is with Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, GM, and Ford vehicles, and Powerstroke, Caterpillar and Cummins diesels.  I know enough MIG and stick welding to make something look and feel welded, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing any welds that life or limb would rely on.  I'm anal about tool cleanliness and organization and don't leave the shop space a mess.  I also know a little bit of bodywork, enough to produce a lemons-grade result.

I have a car of my own that I'm slowly trying to build up for Lemons but it's going to be a multi-year project and I have more time on my hands than I have money to buy parts for it.

I'd be interested in contributing some of my time towards a team in the area who could use an extra set of (reasonably) competent hands but doesn't necessarily need another driver.  I know most teams are looking for a few hundred dollars from drivers and I can't do that right now.  So I'm okay with not driving during the race, it would be cool to get some seat time if the car gets taken to a local test-and-tune track day or something like that but I'm not expecting anything besides some camaraderie and maybe beer fridge privileges.

Tuesday nights are no good for me but the rest of my week is flexible.

If this sounds like something that would work for any teams in the area, I'd love to join you.  Thanks for reading!