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Hello people's

My name is Cedrick. Im from canada. Been a huge fan of Lemons for years now but never had the chance or money to go racing until recently.
I am fortunate enough to find a 500 $ car (dealt it a 350 canadian pesos) that haven't rusted back to mother earth completely. Ultimately race it with my own team.

Now this is a project for a good while. In the mean time I surely will (when borders will open back up) to go spectate a race or two or even offer myself as a crew (or driver if i decide to gear up. Not soon tho).

Total newbie to this here. But i got a simple question before i go too far with the project.

Any canadian had crossed the border with a racecar ? Anything I should know ?

Ps: Will looking on the forum or on fb if a team would want a extra sets of hands.

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You'll want to to lookup swindrum on the forum here.  He brings various British cars across the border to race with us (when the border is open)

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What part of our overly polite neighbor to the North do you live in?  There has also been a team that brings down a car I believe from Windsor to the Gingerman and maybe Joliet races...if I remember correctly it was an exception Pulsar!

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Im near Montreal (still very polite, but in french). I'd surely look up to that windsor team. If you got a name or contact info.

Thanks a lot !!