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I think we have a little too much on the Kim Jong Elantra...

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Caster, and how much to run is car dependent.
The design of the front suspension, which end drives the car, etc.  That being said I do believe that any car that sees the track needs more  caster than the factory settings. How much will depend on what I mentioned above. 
If the steering is manual, and not many cars  came stock this way, then adding more caster will increase steering effort.
  Some cars like a static "toe out" setting (FWD) and adding caster can help there as it will make the car more stable as a toe out condition can result in the car "over reacting" to steering inputs. 

Also adding caster may allow you to need less camber to achieve good handling and longer tire life than if you ran tons of neg. camber.

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OK, well, maybe it wasn't a good joke, but I was hoping to create an opening to talk about our ill-advised engine swap. Which is what led to screwing casters on the car...

Anyway, we won Class C with the Kim Jong Elantra at Sonoma a few years ago. Since, of course, we have been kicked up into B. We just cannot keep up with the class. So, we decided to upgrade the engine. At least we think it is an upgrade. The early Hyundai Tiburon, like our newly-acquired Kim Jong Tiber-Un, was available with a 2.7 V6 and a 6-speed in GT trim. S-E-X-Y! That ups the horsies and the torques by about 40 each. Plus, who does not want to see an engine swapped Hyundai in Lemons?

You would think this would be an easy swap. Not so much. But maybe the judges will have pity on us and drop us back down into C. I think most ill-advised engine swaps should get a one-class demotion...

We are three-plus weeks away from Thunderhill and hopeful we can pull this together...

Some Korean Eye Candy, courtesy of The Dear Leader:

Here's the Kim Jong Tiber-Un. Clearly this car is ready for Lemons Greatness:

Pulling the Kim Jong Elantra engine:

With the engine and subframe out, we needed a way to move the car. Yes, Karl is kissing the caster:

See you all at Thunderhill.


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billy bee wrote:

I think we have a little too much on the Kim Jong Elantra...

I usually go with a few pints.

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Sorry to be such a noob, but should we be running conventional or synthetic caster oil?


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