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Being our 1st time going to Thompson, am hoping to get an idea of what to expect.

I see we can arrive as early as 7am on Friday.... (yay!!!)

We have signed up for testing on Friday, but nothing on the Thompson Speedway site says what time it starts or ends. Anyone who's done testing in previous years have an idea?

I see paddock spaces are limited to 20x40 spaces. I assume these are outlined?

And what does not fit into out space must be parked somewhere else. Do these get parked in the spectator parking areas?

Looking forward to having a fun time...

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Historically Thompson hasn't been great about getting people in the gates quickly. I know 2019 there was a long backup for everyone that got there early. Not sure what 2020 was like, hopefully they'll have planned a little better.

I don't remember the testing hours, but I think it was similar to other new england races which means probably 9-10 start and done by 5?

I don't remember the spaces being blatantly outlined, just be considerate. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong there.

They will let you park trailers on the infield/not raced on section of the oval to save space in the other parking lots for cars. Thompson staff should point you in the right direction on that one. There is parking before you cross the bridge for extra cars.

Thompson is a lot of fun. Not the largest pits, but sufficient. If you aren't in a garage then do plan on some walking this weekend. Lots of great spectating areas, they usually throw a bonfire Saturday night on the hill. Track is great too. There are showers, but not a ton of them.

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as I recall
-  They allowed early check in, arrival on Thursday starting at 5pm
- Friday practice (Lemons only) was 9am-noon, then 1pm to 5pm
- Paddock parking was not coned off, but there are 100+ cars registered, so might be tight, but usually adequate.  Some are in gravel/dirt, some on pavement.  Check out the map on the Lemons site. Basically, as soon as you get off the bridge, on your left, there are dirt/gravel spaces to the left of the road on the way to the rear, and paved paddock area. In the rear area, it is paved, with some off pavement area.  but it is a big area, but a bit far from the fueling pit
- Be prepared for rain, and very hot, humid weather
- You might want to bring fuel jug transportation (bike, motorized something, and they also rent golf carts for the weekend), since you might have a long walk
- Fueling done only in the pits, but they do sell fuel at the track....I can't remember how badly they gouge you....
- They usually have a food truck and a Dunkin Donut truck next to the bridge. They also usually have ice available
- There are no electrical outlets in the paddock area, so you might need a generator, not much lighting at night

Great you will make it!
Fun track, I like it better than NJ....,

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TheEngineer wrote:


I don't remember the spaces being blatantly outlined, just be considerate. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong there.


This. If we have to come tell you to move stuff, it's probably because you're taking up acres for your 97-foot motor home and your teams' 19 street cars while you park your race car in the paddock traffic lanes. We probably won't tell you to move anything unless it's egregious, so just be considerate. If you're showing up when the gate opens—and I frankly know absolutely nothing about gate times for this race as I got thrown on the staffing roster late—you won't have trouble finding a spot to plunk down.

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Hey guys, thanks for the quick replies, much appreciated. Your replies give us a direction of what to expect and what to look for.
That said, we'll still be lost at times, but will get the hang of things by the end of Friday....(hopefully)  smile

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does anyone need a wrencher so i can bring my rv in and camp for sat night?   Name and space?  i don't mind getting my hands dirty and have alot of experience.