Topic: IMSA: Lemons on steroids, fun to watch

I just learned about this race, and seems super fun to watch
I don't have time to watch the whole thing at once, so I break it up, and just watch the races on YouTube as reruns
But often very exciting, interesting, and amazing strategy
Very entertaining
Especially when GS cars race at the same time as the front wheel drive TCR drive.  Such a variety of cars, well matched, but very different, and really unpredictable who will win or place highly until the very end of the race, usually
Like this race

The DPI cars/races don't seem as interesting, since they are kind of all the same, rocket ships on wheels, and I just can't relate
Although it is amazing that Mazda could get 600hp out of the same size engine as in my Honda Prelude, 2 Liter, and I get maybe 115 do they do that??!!!

I wish I could do this....

Anybody else watch this, or race this?

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Re: IMSA: Lemons on steroids, fun to watch

Awesome big_smile
This car....Is said to have a will of it's Own. Twisting its own body in rage...It accelerates on.
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