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Hi - I should have asked for paint stripping for my 15" Honda aluminum wheels, but the shop did what I asked and media blasted them. Now they need finish. If you have experience racing with powder coated wheels;

1. Do you have any problems with the tire bead and the powder coated wheel? Do they slip under acceleration or cornering?
2. If your wheels have an insert where they accept the studs, was the surface of that also powder coated? The concern here is the wheel nuts staying tight.


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People say that powder coating ruins the temper on aluminum wheels... although annealing temperature for 6061T6>powder coat cure temperature, so I don't know. Why risk it, just paint wheels.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with painting, powder coating, or event cleaning race wheels. They're gonna get ruined and dirty instantly.

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Re: Powder coated wheels

I'd just toss some high temp clear coat on them and call it a day...2-3 coats.

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Had zero issues running powder coated wheels on my street 540i ( not the same as track work, but I don’t drive gently) but I agree, pretty much any refinishing of Lemons car wheels is a waste of time. We run whatever OEM wheels are handy (coincidentally, our two cars of different makes share the same bolt pattern)

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Re: Powder coated wheels

Rustoleum semi gloss black seems to stick really well

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Re: Powder coated wheels

IF you go through the trouble of powder coating (I definitely would not) some folks have reported the coating coming loose @ the hub mating surface allowing the wheel to loosen. Would be best to remove or never allow coating to be applied to that part.

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