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Topic: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

or so I was told ...


(Did you notice what actually caught my attention?)

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Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

That thing is sharp!

But...did anyone ask the car what it wanted deep down in its own heart?  Maybe it wants to run Lemons?   Maybe it's like the dog shows, they're all perfectly groomed and spotless, but they deep down want to be running through the mud chasing squirrels in the woods.

(Editing again, maybe I do see it?  I'll let others respond)

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Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

Well, I can read "Valiant" and I can read the license plate,so I know the image is not backwards,so............

(EDIT: The antenna is on the wrong side,right???)

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Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

The antenna is on the same side as the fuel filler cap, so I'm assuming it's correct.

It is absolutely spectacular in person.

Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

Right hand drive?

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Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

^ correct.

Apparently a Chrysler Australia product.

Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

By the way, the turn signals are those
twin grey-black-grey stripe sets
on the front top of each fender;
and they're flush with the surface
(and apparently difficult to see in the afternoon).
What appears grey was originally clear.

Re: This will _never_ be a Lemons car:

Yeah, that's an Aussie Chrysler Valiant. The "HEMI 245" is another giveaway.

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