Topic: Team of 3 drivers may need seats for Buttonwillow this weekend.

Title sums it up.  We will be doing a very.very.very last minute scramble to drop a motor in our 1991 Toyota CanAmry.

I'm looking to hopefully get a few backup options for my teammates and myself.

Me- 6'3" 230 lbs.  10+ year active SCCA Participant, Autox 10+ years, Flagger 10+ years, 10+ Track Events and Time Trials.  Intimately familiar with how bad things can get out on track, and have no interest in causing that to anyone.

CoDriver 1 - 5' 8(?)" a couple years experience in SCCA events, about even split of 8ish Time Trials/Track Days and 8ish Autocrosses.  A few flagging events.  Is comically fast, and is very smooth on equipment.

CoDriver 2 - 6.2" 230 lbs, Complete Novice.  Very very mechanically savvy tho, so would be an asset to any team in that capacity.

We have already paid, and have hemorrhaged many many $$$$ scrambling to get this car fixed over the past 2 weeks, and have been halted by a damn flywheel.  Which is to say, we are sorta kinda begging for a very budget option.  We can feed you, do the crappy refueling part where we need to get all dressed up, whatever manual labor exchange you feel is fair to get us behind the wheel without a ton of $$ exchange.

My priority for getting butts in seats is Codriver 1, CoDriver 2,  then myself.

Re: Team of 3 drivers may need seats for Buttonwillow this weekend.

Huge long shot, and it'll require you to be local to ventura county or willing to come out and fix cars, but I shot you an email.

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