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Hey all,

Has anyone else had any manufacturing issues with the Pyrotect kill switch sold on the Lemons store?  I just had to replace a nearly brand new one (installed it like 6 weeks ago and purchased new from the store not much longer before that) because the blade connectors on the back were loose and causing connection issues for the charging circuit (they are loose on the inside of the switch somewhere).  It seems maybe a bad solder joint inside, but I've yet to rip it apart as I'll probably ask for an exchange.

I vaguely recall coming across a post mentioning this same issue, but I can't find it now.  I also wanted to warn folks of this issue, as it would be a really crappy way to interrupt a race.  I might just splurge and get the more expensive ones on Pegasus for the replacements.

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Re: Pyrotect Kill Switch Problems

The first one we got from them was DOA. The next one worked, but it doesn't really inspire confidence. What's the pegasus model you were looking at?

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Re: Pyrotect Kill Switch Problems

For what it's worth, we have been running the quickcar brand kill switch, mostly because it's relatively inexpensive.  The first one we put in got moisture inside while stored under a tarp over the winter and completely failed due to corrosion.  We wrote that off as likely a fluke and installed another one identical to the first.....which then got moisture inside and failed just like the other.  I was going to buy the protect switch as I have seen other teams using them with satisfactory results but now I'm not so sure.